The following abbreviations are used for literature given in [brackets]. In many instances, the exact page of interest is added.



8A:              Chip Madinger & Mark Easter, Eight Arms To Hold You, USA 2000.


910:             The 910 magazine


A:               Tom Schultheiss, The Beatles - A Day In The Life. The Day-by-Day Diary 1960-1970, UK 1980


ATN:          H. Castleman/Wally J. Podrazik, All Together Now. The first Complete Beatles Discography, 1961-1975,        

                   USA 1975


BA:             Beatlemania magazine


BB:             Hans Olof Gottfridsson, The Beatles with Tony Sheridan - Beatles Bop - Hamburg Days, Germany


BBN:           Beatles Beatleg News


BD2:           Keith Badman, The Beatles Diary, vol.2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001, London/New York 2001


Bf:              Beatlefan magazine


BM:            Beatles monthly book magazine


BOR:          Marc Wallgren, The Beatles On Record. The Beatles as a Group and as Solo Artists - from 1962 to the

                   Present, USA 1982


BU:             Beatles Unlimited magazine, vols. 1-71, The Netherlands


BUC:          Kristofer Engelhardt, The Beatles Undercover, Canada 1998


BWC:         Rainer Moers, Beatles Werke Chronologie 1980-1998, Germany 


CS:             Club Sandwich magazine#


D:               K.Janssen/E.M.Bakker, Dig It. The Beatles Bootleg Book vol.1 (1967-1974), The Netherlands 1974


DB:             Rainer Moers, W.Neumann, H.Rombeck, Die Beatles – Ihre Karriere. Ihre Musik. Ihre Erfolge, Germany



DS:             L.R.E. King, Do You Want To Know A Secret?, USA 1988


EOB:           H.Castleman/Wally J.Podrazik, The End Of The Beatles? USA 1985


F:                Peter Schuster, Four Ever – 25 Jahre Beatles, Germany 1986


FH:             L.R.E. King, Fixing A Hole, USA 1989


IB:              Doug Sulpy, Illegal Beatles. Archival Back Issues 1986-88, USA 1991


JPGR:         Arno Guzek/C.Mattoon, Recordings of John, Paul, George & Ringo, USA 1977


L:                Mark Lewisohn, The Beatles Live! The Ultimate Reference Book, UK 1986


L 2:             Mark Lewisohn, The Beatles – 25 Years In The Life (Chronology 1962-1987), UK 1987


L 3:             Mark Lewisohn, The Complete BEATLES Recording Sessions. The Official Story of the Abbey Road

                   Years, UK 1988


LWR.2:       Neil Stannard, The Long & Winding Road. A History of Beatles On Record, vol.1, UK 2nd, revised &

                   updated edition 1983


NFS:           Belmo, Not For Sale, Canada 1997


TBA:           H.Castleman/Wally J.Podrazik, The Beatles Again?, USA 1977


URG.3:       Allen J. Wiener, The Beatles: The Ultimate Recording Guide, UK, 3rd edition


WCH:         Neil Stannard, Working Class Hero. A History of Beatles´ Solo Recordings. An Illustrated Discography,

                   UK 1983


Y:               C.Reinhart, You Can´t Do That!Beatles Bootleg and Novelty Records 19623-1980, USA 1980



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