“First and second generation Beatles Fans had to wait a very long time for a complete Beatles discography, including not only the Beatles releases as a group and solo releases, but also the releases where one of the member of the group contributed to other artists. In the mid-Seventies Harry Castleman and Walter Podrazik finally published „All Together Now“ what exactly included that and more. Just about two years later they published the sequel „The Beatles Again“, and in the Mid Eighties another sequel called „The End Of The Beatles“. But since then nothing else alike has shown up. Of course you could find further discographies, but they deal only with one area, be it an updated „Just-Beatles“ discography, the discography of one member of the group or one with contributions to other artists. A complete discography of John, Paul, George and Ringo was long overdue, until some years ago Kurt Erlemann came up with the first part of his series „50 Years of Beatles Music – From The Cavern To The World (1957 – 1964)”, which he released on CD-ROM. As I happened to hear of this, I took the chance to buy one copy of it and ever since I have been eagerly waiting for the next volume respectively to come. Besides the discography (official and unofficial releases) you can find on each volume chronological information on the releases, sources, interviews and much more, even the original picture sleeves are shown. This CD-ROM series is indispensable for every serious Beatles fan!» (Marcel Reichmuth)