Data sources and research methods







The magazines and books I used are the following:



The 910 magazine


Beatlemania magazine


Beatles Beatleg News magazine


Beatlefan magazine


Beatles monthly book magazine


Beatles Unlimited magazine, vols. 1-71, The Netherlands


Club Sandwich magazine




K. Badman, The Beatles Diary, vol.2: After The Break-Up 1970-2001, London/New York 2001 


Belmo, Not For Sale, Canada 1997


H. Castleman/Wally J. Podrazik, All Together Now. The first Complete Beatles Discography, 1961-1975, USA 1975


H. Castleman/Wally J. Podrazik, The Beatles Again?, USA 1977


H. Castleman/Wally J. Podrazik, The End Of The Beatles? USA 1985


Kristofer Engelhardt, The Beatles Undercover, Canada 1998


Hans Olof Gottfridsson, The Beatles with Tony Sheridan - Beatles Bop - Hamburg Days, Germany


Arno Guzek/C. Mattoon, Recordings of John, Paul, George & Ringo, USA 1977


K. Janssen/E.M. Bakker, Dig It. The Beatles Bootleg Book vol.1 (1967-1974), The Netherlands 1974


L.R.E. King, Do You Want To Know A Secret?, USA 1988


L.R.E. King, Fixing A Hole, USA 1989


Mark Lewisohn, The Beatles Live! The Ultimate Reference Book, UK 1986


Mark Lewisohn, The Beatles – 25 Years In The Life (Chronology 1962-1987), UK 1987


Mark Lewisohn, The Complete BEATLES Recording Sessions. The Official Story of the Abbey Road Years, UK 1988


Chip Madinger & Mark Easter, Eight Arms To Hold You. The Solo Beatles Compendium, Chesterfield, Missouri 2000.


Rainer Moers, W. Neumann, H. Rombeck, Die Beatles – Ihre Karriere. Ihre Musik. Ihre Erfolge, Germany 1988     


C. Reinhart, You Can´t Do That!Beatles Bootleg and Novelty Records 19623-1980, USA 1980


Tom Schultheiss, The Beatles - A Day In The Life. The Day-by-Day Diary 1960-1970, UK 1980


Peter Schuster, Four Ever – 25 Jahre Beatles, Germany 1986


Neil Stannard, The Long & Winding Road. A History of Beatles On Record, vol.1, UK 2nd, revised & updated edition 1983


Neil Stannard, Working Class Hero. A History of Beatles´ Solo Recordings. An Illustrated Discography, UK 1983


Doug Sulpy, Illegal Beatles. Archival Back Issues 1986-88, USA 1991


Doug Sulpy, The 910´s Guide to the Beatles´ Outtakes pt.2: The Complete Get Back Sessions, USA 2001


Marc Wallgren, The Beatles On Record. The Beatles as a Group and as Solo Artists - from 1962 to the Present, USA 1982


Allen J. Wiener, The Beatles: The Ultimate Recording Guide, UK, 3rd edition



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These magazines and books are, of course, complementary. Partly, because they didn´t appear at the same time, partly, because they do not all deal with exactly the same subject. Furthermore, it has to be said that some publications give more reliable information than others. Therefore [L1 - L3] and [A] may be called “critical” editions, i.e. the remarks and dates of earlier printed books have been chequed and, if necessary, been corrected. So [A] cheques [JPGR], [ATN], [TBA] and [BU] (until 1980) - and many more, of course. The information of [F] depends on [ATN], [TBA] and [EOB]. The latter three titles, concerning recording and release dates, often differ from [BOR], [LWR] and [WCH].




Research methods:


As I didn´t have the opportunity to get first hand information, I always tried to find out the most reliable dates if I had the choice of several (different) ones. In most cases, the used data source is given in [  ]. The alternative dates which I did not use, are given as: [# xy]. The following list shows which publications I preferred for a certain subject:



Beatles studio sessions: [Lxx], [JPGR], [A], [ATN], [TBA], [EOB], [LWR], [WCH]

Beatles radio/TV activities: [Lxx]

Beatles releases Germany: [DB]

Beatles releases UK: [LWR], [WCH], [ATN], [A]

Beatles releases USA: [BOR], [LWR], [ATN]

Bootlegs: [Y], [D], [IB], [NFS], [URG.3], [BA], [BBN]

Get Back Sessions: Doug Sulpy, 910´s Guide, [BA]

Beatles Solo Activities 1970-2001: [BA], [BD2], [Bf], [BM]



In most instances, I tried to use the “best”, i.e. most reliable version. In some instances, however, I gave more than one version and left the question open for further discussion.





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